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Kids, Inc. on agenda

Elk City commissioners will hear an update on Kids, Inc. during their regular meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Also on the agenda:
Consider and approve or disapprove action regarding the dilapidated structure at 1113 Constantine, Morningside Second Addition, Block 1, Lot 8, Elk City and 309 S Randall, Fairview, Lots 9-11, Block 25, Elk City.

Discuss and approve or disapprove filming “Street Outlaws” by the Discovery Channel on the streets of Elk City.

Consider and approve or disapprove Resolution 2014-10: A Resolution of the Elk City Public Works Authority, Elk City, Oklahoma allowing the disposal of oilfield pit liners in the Elk City Landfill establishing a disposal fee per ton.

Consider and approve or disapprove plat of The Greens Addition a replat of part of Harless Addition, Elk City, Beckham County, Oklahoma.
Consider and approve or disapprove replat of Big Elk Industrial Park, Elk City, Beckham County, Oklahoma.

SWODA offering vision help

Healthy eyes are something most people take for granted. But there are millions of elderly people in this country who have severe vision impairments. These impairments could be treated and corrected, but many of the elderly can’t afford the treatment they need.

South Western Oklahoma Development Authority (SWODA) Aging Services, in cooperation with area optometrists, will be providing reduced cost eye exams and eyeglasses to elderly individuals in your area.

In order to qualify, participants must be 60 years of age or older, and/or an ADvantage consumer, live in Beckham, Custer, Washita, Roger Mills, Kiowa, Greer, Harmon, or Jackson counties, meet certain income and resource guidelines. Elderly and/or disabled ADvantage applicants must not be case managed by any agency other than SWODA Aging Services Case Management. Applications can be made, from September 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015, by contacting Tangela Henry at 1-800-627-4882 extension 126. SWODA ADvantage consumers will need to contact their SWODA Aging Services Case Manager.

Verification of income and resources will be required, such as tax records, bank statements or Social Security check stubs. All information will be held confidential. SWODA Aging Services would like to thank all optometrists who have agreed to participate in working together to find solutions to ...


PSO plans local line

Public Service Company of Oklahoma, along with AEP Oklahoma Transmission Company, today announced a 60-mile route for a new 345-kilovolt (kV) transmission line in Beckham and Washita counties. The route was selected following a comprehensive study which included extensive environmental and land use investigation, a public open house, and analysis of stakeholder comments.

“We are pleased that we had significant public input to help identify what we believe is the most reasonable route for this project,” said Brian Johnson, project manager. “It best balances the electrical needs of the area with protection of property and the environment.”

The new transmission line will begin at an interconnection point northwest of Mountain View and travel west past Highway 183 before heading northwest to a new substation to be constructed approximately 15 miles west of Elk City.
The overall project cost is estimated at $120 million.

The transmission towers along the route will be single-pole galvanized steel structures and will typically be about 120 feet tall. A single-pole structure was selected in order to minimize the overall footprint and reduce impact on farming and ranching operations. The right of way will be 150 feet wide, or 75 feet on each side of the center line.

Plans call for the project to be complete in 2018. Before any surveying, engineering or right-of-way work begins, the company will contact affected landowners along the route ...

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