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Paving scammers at work in Beckham

The Beckham County Sheriff’s office is warning residents to beware of paving companies from the other side of the state that offer a good deal on cheap work, because the price will be higher and the quality lower than promised.

About three years ago, pavers from near Spiro, came to Beckham County and performed shoddy work for inflated prices, then used intimidation to coerce payment from residents.

The latest round of questionable paving incidents involves different company names and different individuals, but they’re from the same area of the state, and the methods appear to be the same, according to Sheriff Scott Jay.

“We are currently working a case south of Sayre that has all the earmarks of fraud,” Jay said.

The sales pitch is the same that other companies made a few years ago ...





Building a friendship

As Robbie Allen reflects upon her business, market knowledge and the friendships that brought her to them, she says timing is everything. She grew up in Oklahoma City and while her parents briefly moved their family outside of Amarillo while she was in high school, she by chance met her husband Kenneth at a rodeo the pair were both competing in.

Recently leaving the United States Army, the two stumbled upon each other. After Allen’s parents moved back to Yukon where she would graduate, they continued to date and tied the knot soon after in 1973.

“We were both active in the rodeo circuit,” Allen recalled. “After marriage, we did as young people do and drifted around while we found the right place for us.”

After living in Amarillo, Oklahoma City and Houston, the newlyweds settled in Elk City in 1976. A trained welder, an oilfield job lured Kenneth to western Oklahoma. With two young daughters on her hip, Allen established her first small-town household.
Shortly after, Robbie took her first Elk City job at the Bank of Western Oklahoma. While shopping for work clothes at C.R. Anthony’s, she would develop a friendship that would change both her life and professional career.

Judy proved to be her best friend for many years to come.

“Judy Burson helped me that day and before I knew it, we became fast friends,” Allen said. “After that, she came to work with me at the bank and we started a lifelong friendship.”

Although a booming oilfield first attracted the Allen family to Elk City, they remained as the economy busted. Allen left the bank for a sales clerk job and, after years of her father’s urging, attended real estate school in Oklahoma City in 1985. As she and her husband looked to purchase a home, she was also prompted by her realtor to join the profession.

“Linda Andresen was showing us a house. As we talked, she also encouraged me to go to real estate school,” Allen recalled.
After Allen completed her required courses and testing, she took her first realtor job with Andresen Reality. After Kincaid Realty bought it out, she transferred to the new business. She remained there for two years until moving to Khourie and Company.

“I did get in at a time when the local market was rough but the oilfield was here,” she said. “The up tick was gradual, but I can’t say that I ever wasn’t busy.”

As Allen built her real estate career, her friend Judy embarked upon the same path. She attended real estate school just a year after Allen did. She moved to Kincaid and then came with Allen to Khourie’s.

When Khourie’s broker decided to move, the two friends took required classes to become the principle brokers and bought the owner out. The business name was then changed to Elk City Realty.

“Judy and I took this project on as best friends first and business partners second,” Allen explained. “I’ve often heard people say that partnerships don’t work and they won’t if there isn’t deep friendship and trust there.”

As the two built their business and added realtors who practiced under their broker’s licenses, they were well positioned for the growing oilfield industry. The local economy grew, property values increased and they ...

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